We compile the best practices that attract the right local talents to suit your hiring needs. You are well-equipped with the best hiring solutions recommended by our professional talent specialist team. In this guide, we reveal simple solutions that will make your job ad stands out from others, thus attracting the right talents that you are looking for.
Sharing with you the best hiring practices that can attract the right local talents that suit your hiring needs. Gain insights into a series of perfect yet simple solutions to make your job ad stands out from others.
Creating Job Title
Use a simple and specific Job Title as this will appear on an applicant’s search results and thus increase the view of your job Ad.
Here are few tips for an appealing Job Title:

  • Use specific and targeted job title 
  • Avoid jargon or short forms on job title 
  • Avoid long and complicated job title 
  • Avoid job titles that include two different roles/position levels
  • Require advice on a suitable job title for your job ad? Get in touch with  SarawakJobs Talent Specialist Team at info@SarawakJobs.com
Examples of Good and Poor Job Titles:
Employer Guide - HIRING TIPS Table