Having an appealing, well-written job advertisement attracts the right applicants. We’ve put together a simple guide on how to craft an effective job description that stands out. Follow the below steps to Create and Post a Job:
Step 1. Once you are signed in to your ‘EMPLOYER ACCOUNT’. On ‘My Dashboard’, click ‘Post A Job’ to draft and submit your job advertisement.
Step 2. Fill in your Company Details
  • Company Name
  • Company Website
  • Upload your Company Logo (.jpg, .gif or .png format)
Step 3. Fill in the Job Details
  • Job Title (Be short yet precise)
  • Job Type (Choose from the dropdown menu)
  • Job Category (Choose from the dropdown menu)
  • Job Salary (Choose from the dropdown menu)
  • Tags (Include the keywords to increase the visibility of your job advertisement)
Step 4. State the Job Location
Step 5. Fill in the Job Description
  • Job Scopes (Indicate Key Duties/Roles/Responsibilities)
  • Job Requirements (Indicate Key Requirements: i.e. Qualification Level, Certificate of Competency, Years of Experience, Preferred Field of Industry, Skills, Software, etc.)
  • Benefits & Remunerations (Indicate Min. Salary or Salary Range, types of Benefits i.e. commission, incentive, petrol claim, allowances/expenses, meals, accommodation, etc)
  • Working Hours (Indicate i.e. rotation shift hours or standard office hours) (Mon to Fri: 8:30am to 5:30pm, Sat: 8:30am to 12:30pm)
Tips: Use simple language in an organized structure to provide clear job roles and responsibilities; as well as the key requirements which include educational qualifications, working experience and specific skill set required for the job.
Avoid: Reduce bias by not being limited to certain races, languages, gender, age, or appearance; which promote the strategy of appealing to active talents.
Step 6. Fill in the How to Apply section
  • Provide clear instructions on how applicants can apply for the position.
  • Example: Login to SarawakJobs.com and apply for this position. Send your application with UPDATED curriculum vitae, a recent passport-size photo, relevant certificates, current & expected salaries.
Step 7. Click ‘Next’ to proceed to preview your job advertisement draft and select the ‘Job Pack’ to purchase.
Step 8. On the Preview/Job Packages page, you are able to review the job advertisement drafted. Select a Job Pack that you wish to purchase;
  • Promo A1: 1 job ad credit for 1 job advertisement for Malaysian Company [CHOOSE THIS]
  • Internship Placement: Internship job advertisement
  • Promo A2: 1 job ad credit for 1 job advertisement for Non-Malaysian Company
Step 9. Click ‘Next’ to proceed to the payment page.
Step 10. Select your ‘Payment Method’. Choose from the dropdown;
  • Paypal
    You will be brought to Paypal and charged with the selected job pack charges.
  • Bank Transfer
    Bank Name: OCBC Bank Malaysia
    Account Name: KOSSLE PTE LTD
    Account Number: 760-112417-8
    Bank Name: UOB Bank Malaysia
    Account Name: KOSSLE PTE LTD
    Account Number: 2383031755
  • Duit Now
    BRN: 201134956G
***Please provide your payment slip along with the signed Sales Agreement form to info@SarawakJobs.com and our consultant will get in touch with you to publish your job advertisement.
Step 11. Click ‘Confirm & Submit’ to submit your job advertisement.
Step 12. Your job listing will be published live upon payment confirmation and approval checks. Our Talent Specialist Consultant will contact you upon the job advertisement submission for confirmation and publishing.
For further inquiries, please feel free to get in touch with SarawakJobs Talent Specialist Team at info@SarawakJobs.com
Hassle to go through these steps? Our Team Specialist team is always available to assist you with your job advertisement. Contact us at 010-9770088 for immediate assistance.