Applying For A Job FAQ

How to search for jobs?

  1. Ensure you have already Login
  2. Go to the Latest Jobs page:
  3. Browse Jobs and Select:
    • Job Type (Full-Time, Internship, Part-Time, etc)
    • Job Category (ie: Accounting | Auditing (m) / Admin |Clerical | HR (n), etc)
    • Job Salary
    • Date posted
  4. Search using ‘Keywords’ and Select preferred ‘location’
Tips: Need guidance on how to search for jobs? Check out our Job Seeker’s Guide for more tips and guidance or contact SarawakJobs Talent Specialist Team at and we are happy to  assist you.

I can't proceed to apply for my preferred job

  1. Ensure you have already registered/login.
  2. When you do not have an Online Resume under your account, you will not be able to apply to a job.
  3. Hence, you are required to create an online resume first. Refer to how to Create an Online Resume, found on Job Seeker’s Guide
  4. Click on the button that reads ‘APPLY FOR JOB Click to Create Online Resume’

How to apply for WhatsApp Jobs?

Some job ads on the job site require you to contact the employer directly via WhatsApp. Here’s how you can proceed;
Step 1: Click on the button below that reads “Live Chat with Employer” or “Submit Application via Whatsapp
Step 2: Message the employer through WhatsApp Chat.
Message Example:
  • Hi, my name is (_).I like to apply to this job (__). Here’s my CV, kindly advise if I am selected for an interview.

Do I need to upload my resume every time I apply for jobs?

No. Once you have created your Online Resume, it is not necessary to upload additional documents every  time you apply for a Job.
You may upload your own CV or any supporting documents (ie: Certificates, etc) on the ‘Edit Online Resume’ page by clicking the ‘View/Edit Online Resume’ button under the How to Apply section
***Please note that it is compulsory to create Online Resume to apply for any jobs on the job site. Kindly ensure the uploaded file is in Word Doc or PDF format, and the file size does not exceed 2MB.

How can I know that I have successfully applied to the job?

Each time you have submitted your job application, there will be a pop-up message appear on the top area of the individual job ad page and at the same time you will receive an email notification from to your registered email (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, etc.)

How can I follow-up with my job application?

Refer to the notification email from that you have received prior to applying for any jobs on the job site. You will be provided with the employer’s email under the ‘Summary’ section.
Tips: For a successful job application, follow up with the employer prior to 2 weeks after application

Can I know more information about the company I applied to?

For all job advertisements, there will be company information provided in the Company Profile, available on the right corner section of the individual job advertisement page (DESKTOP VIEW).
You will be provided with detailed company information which includes;
  • Company background details
  • Business Industry
  • Company Address
  • Contact details

I have applied for the job but I have not yet received any reply from the company. What should I do?

It is recommended to always follow up with your job application 2 weeks after your application. You will be able to contact the company via the email address provided to you in the notification email that you received from (prior to applying for any jobs on the job site) or you can refer to the contact details provided under the Company Profile section (of the individual job advertisement page).

I have been called for an interview, any advice from

Congratulations on the successful job application! For better preparation for your upcoming job interview, refer to our Job Interview Tips available on our Career Tools: Tips & Resources.

Can assist me in matching my resumes to any jobs on the job site?

As we are a job advertisement portal, thus we do not handle job matching services or any of recruitment activity for any employers advertised on our job site. Each employer on our website will handle its own recruitment activity, this includes contacting job seekers for job interviews or application acceptance, or any other recruitment activity; hence it is advisable that you follow up with the hiring company within 2 weeks once you have submitted your job application.

Why do I receive emails from whenever I apply to a job?

For every job that you apply on, you will receive a notification that basically informs you that your job application has been sent to the employer.
We suggest that you can follow the TIPS stated in the notification, that is:
  1. Follow up with the employer (after 2 weeks) to secure an interview or job opportunity.
  2. Mention to employer that you have applied the job on
  3. Read more information on our Job Seeker’s Guide
  4. Search the Latest Jobs on
Note: Kindly take note that the email was sent via SarawakJobs’ System Email to notify successful job application submission. We do not handle the recruitment activity for any employers advertised on our job  site. Each employer on our website will handle their own recruitment activity, this includes contacting job seekers for job interviews or application acceptance or any other recruitment activity.

Avoid Scam Jobs

At, all of the job advertisements are vetted vigorously by our Talent Specialist Team and verified as legitimate before appearing online. Our team will remove any ambiguous advertisement and those that contravene our Advertising Policy. Should you encounter dubious job advertisements on, kindly email us at For more tips on how  to search jobs  online and to detect a scam job, refer to Avoid Scam Jobs