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Usual: RM450
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  • 1 Job Posting
  • 30 Days Advertisement
  • 44% Off
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Usual: RM2250
Save: RM1175
  • 5 Job Posting
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Governmental Jobs
Find and Apply all the latest Sarawak Government jobs here!. SarawakJobs is working closely with e-Recruitment Sarawak to make Sarawak Civil Service and Local Authorities Jobs available to all our Job Seekers.
Internship Jobs
Are you a student and unsure what to do next? Or do you need an Internship credits to complete your course? Look no further! SarawakJobs currently has several Internship openings available today.
What Our Users Say
I had learned a lot of skills that I never learn before. Including marketing and programming skills.
Kelvin Hii, UNIMAS

I had experienced the real working life which gives me a new and novelty experienced.
Ella Liew, UNIMAS

This Internship changed myself to become a better person. With the opportunity to work with the whole team, I've learnt quite a lot of things and also the skills to deal with the others.
Wei Kong, UNIMAS

First of all, I would say that working on could be pretty stressful, somehow it is challenging as well. As every individual has different perspectives over something, so as for me, I consider every task assigned to me as the new challenges.
Leonard Chang, Curtin University

I got the chance to experience how it really works in the real world. I was able to learn a lot which I believe will help me to ensure a better future.
Emran Huda, Swinburne University

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