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EFP Agency

Company Overview
EFP AGENCY, with EFP meaning

Entrepreneurs For People. As an entrepreneur we must do our best to help people by helping people to get protection and plan their financials and at the same time also offer this wonderful career opportunity to them.

My vision is to continue building Elite Entrepreneurs with Elite meaning

1. Entrepreneurs

2. Longevity

3. Informative

4. Trustworthy

5. Enthusiastic

Let’s work together to build a successful career for ourself and at the same time create an unlimited income stream that can bless our family members.

Company Snapshot
Our Address: Level 3, Lot 14-17, Block A1 Saradise, Kuching Sarawak
Registration No.: 115767
Industry: Consultancy
Contact No.: 017-837 2166

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EFP Agency 100

Wealth Management Advisor (EFP Agency) – Kuching

EFP Agency
Posted by: EFP Agency

Date: 30 Nov2020
Sarawak, Malaysia