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Company Overview
Lee Ming Press is a designing and printing company based in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, that focuses on producing high quality results for any printing job. Whether it is for annual reports, corporate projects, leaflets, newsletters, posters, name cards, seasonal cards, exercise books, school diaries, magazines, backdrops, banners, buntings, or packaging boxes, we offer you our best.
While other printing companies outsource some of their production processes, Lee Ming Press has all the in-house equipment and services to provide you with speedy one-stop printing – from designing, color separation, printing, hot stamping, UV, cutting, gloss/matt laminating, to binding. Your printing needs are continually monitored in one place to ensure consistency in quality and on-time completion.
As a responsible corporate citizen, Lee Ming Press is concerned about how our business affects the environment. Hence, we use non-toxic and environmental friendly products like soya ink. In addition, our waste by-products are recycled and specially disposed off by Trieneken.
Lee Ming Press has always been a pioneer in the acquisition of high tech printing machinery. Back in 1990’s, it was the first East Malaysian printing company to acquire a four-colour printing machine, followed by a five-colour printing machine. We now also have another machine that can churn out 16,000 sheets an hour.
Consistent with our philosophy to give the best to our clients, we have been continually upgrading our printing equipment. Our printing plant at Ellis Road houses the latest in computerized printing technology with high-tech equipment. We have a CTP (Computer to Plate) imaging system as well as equipment that allow us to do fully computerized touch screen monitored printing.
In order to serve our clients better, we are undergoing an aggressive expansion plan and putting more emphasis on innovation. For instance, we have also added a high quality, fully online Newest Technology Exercise Book Printing machine to our plant.
We stay on top of the latest in printing trends and technology by sourcing overseas for up-to-date machines. For instance, we have recently acquired a spot UV varnishing machine due to increasing demand from our clients and we have also acquired the latest Square Dot Computer to Plate (CTP) equipment to further boost the efficiency of our colour separation process.
Most of our equipment and raw materials are imported from Overseas especially from Japan and European countries to ensure that we print with top notch machines using high quality materials.
We recognize that the best equipment will not produce the quality expected of us without the talent and skill of our technicians. Hence, the management team provides ongoing training to our employees to update their knowledge and upgrade their skills.
Our commitment to give the best in technology and equipment as well as using highly-trained workers allows us to produce outstanding printing results for our clients.

Our Address: 48, Jalan Ellis, 93300 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. (Postal Address: P.O.Box 3068, 93760 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.)
Industry: Designing / Printing Services
Contact Number: +6082-25 3303

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