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Company Overview
Our firm was established in Sarawak in 1980 as a Mechanical, Electrical and Industrial Engineering Consultancy firm providing consultancy services to the government and private sectors. Realising the rapid economic growth and industrial development in Malaysia and Brunei and with the introduction of the Fourth Malaysia Plan, the firm expanded its operations to West Malays to enable the broadening of our market base as well as to enhance the facility of services to our existing clients in these areas.

Today, our firm has offices in Kuching, Kuala Lumpur. Although the regional offices mostly serve the local areas, the pooling of the firm’s resources in specialised technical expertise and manpower has lent confidence to its clients from all sectors over the past thirty years of experience through the successful implementation and completion of projects undertaken by the firm. In addition, our firm is associated with Kuttner, Collins International Pty. Ltd., an Australian engineering consultancy firm based in Sydney, Australia with whom we work closely together in exchange of ideas and opinions in areas of certain specific technical expertise.

Company Snapshot
Our Address: 4th& 5th Floor, STALLION Sublot 17, Rock Commercial Centre, 1 ½ Mile, Jalan Rock, 93200 Kuching, Sarawak
Industry: Engineering
Contact No.: 082-246182 /242986

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