Bantuan Prihatin Nasional (COVID-19)








1. What is BPN?

BPN is one of the government aids that is provided under the economic stimulus package. It is a one-off aid that is given to the B40 and the M40 community. The BPN given to the B40 community is based on the database from the Bantuan Sara Hidup (BSH). The BPN for the M40 community is based on the Inland Revenue Board’s (LHDN) taxpayer database.


2. Am I Qualified?

  • Family with Monthly Income RM4000 or below
    April: RM1000
    May: RM600
  • Family with Monthly Income RM4001 to RM8000
    April: RM500
    May: RM600
  • Individual with Monthly Income RM2000 or below
    April: RM500
    May: RM300
  • Individual with Monthly Income RM2001 to RM4000
    April: RM250
    May: RM250



3. How to Apply?

Step 1: Access to
Step 2: Key in IC number to check if you are qualified
Step 3: If there’s no record, click on the “Permohonan Baru” to apply
Step 4: Fill in the form according to the information needed and submit



4. When & How Do I Get The Payment?

The BPN for the B40 and M40 community will be made in April and May. The payment will transferred to your bank account directly according to the information you filled into the form.

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