We are approaching the end of our third year living with the COVID-19 pandemic. We asked our followers on social media to express what they missed most about their life before COVID-19 and their opinions moving forward living with COVID-19.

Bruneians’ Voices: What Do You Miss Most From Life Before COVID-19?

What do you miss most about life before COVID-19

As we are preparing to enter the endemic phase, we can’t help to feel excited and anxious to resume all of our favourite activities that were previously restricted due to the pandemic. 55% of the locals miss to travel around the country or overseas; while 20% missed outdoor activities or enjoying the nature. 11% missed relaxing at the spa or saloon; 9% wished to meet-up with their friends and minority 5% of them wished to go back their Kampung and meet with their family and relatives. 

Bruneians’ Opinion on Reopening of the Economy

Are you excited about the reopening of economy

We have been experiencing a series of prolonged movement restrictions which limit our day-to-day activities; which leads us to hope that in the near future, we will be able to fully reopen the economy and conduct our activities without any restrictions. Supported by this recent social media survey, 59% of respondents are excited for the reopening of the economy, while 41% aren’t excited for the reopening of the economy.

After Covid-19: Preparing to Tackle Future Challenges

What did you learn out of COVID-19 that you would be better prepared to tackle future challenges

COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly affecting us with the movement restriction and economic shutdown; which prompted us to reset major trends in our day-to-day routine or in our workplace. Throughout these 2 years, we have learnt to adapt to new lifestyles and to overcome all challenges faced throughout this pandemic. The pandemic has in a way reminded us to be prepared to tackle any challenges in the future and equipped ourselves to be ready for any global changes thereafter; be it our financial stability or our social activities. From our recent social media survey, 47.6% of respondents said they had changed their lifestyles in accordance to the new norm (i.e.: Be more hygienic, Reduced contact with people surrounding);  while 22.2% learnt to control/reduce their spendings and managed to save more money throughout this pandemic. 20.6% took this period to improve their career development by learning new skills (i.e.: Digital Skills, E-commerce) to fit the economic demand, while 9.5% took up a second job to increase their income (i.e.: Took up Gig jobs/ Started their own online business). As the pandemic is seen to contribute to global destruction; however on a brighter side, it can be seen as a reset button for everyone to change to a better lifestyle or to learn and discover new skills.

See the full report: https://www.sarawakjobs.com/assets/2021/12/LIFE-IN-BRUNEI-AFTER-COVID-19_2021.pdf

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