There are many different ways to search for job nowadays . You can search for job online or offline method. Which do you use more? Which one do you prefer more? With just a click of your finger or the process of asking face to face with employers?


For online. There is no fees charge as it is all available on the internet. For example,  You’re looking for an administration job. All I have to do is search on the internet using the keyword on the search engines and all of the administration job that is listed near me will come out on my browser. Then, I only need to click on the title, and it will direct me to the website where I can apply  for the free.

For offline method, I may need to use some money for my travelling expenses if I don’t have any transportation. This can accumulate when I need to look for available jobs if I didn’t manage to secure the job for the first time. This can make it harder for me to look job using the offline method because of the financial issue that I face. 


There’s a lot more job opportunities online compare to offline.  As it is 2022 now, more companies has started to using online methods to post their ads. For example, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram. This allow companies to gain more exposure on their job postings.

Job opportunities using offline methods has started to decrease as more companies turn to technologies for their job postings. It is hard to see any ads poster about any job advertising right now compare to before. It also means that job-seekers that are using online methods will be ahead of you in applying as internet  immediately to show you the latest job posting .


For online job search,  as long as you have an internet connection,  you can apply for job without worrying where you are. You can even check on your application without worrying about missing any information or date about the job.  You can even do online interview using video call, Zoom or Teams.

For offline job search, you have to be available and alert for their call when employer ask for an interview.  For example,  you’re at your hometown currently and the company require you to come to the interview for the position that you applied for. But you have to rescheduled the interview as you’re not available. This can lead the employer to choose someone else.

As more companies prefer online methods to advertise their jobs nowadays, we as job-seekers must adapt to the current trend. There are advantages and disadvantages to online and offline job searching methods. You can choose which want you refer more. Would you choose online methods and why? Or would you choose offline methods and why?