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Building the Economy Together

The incentives under the Penjana Short-term Economic Recovery Plan (PENJANA) will help to levitate the weak confidence of our local business owners. With the economic recovery plan being plotted accordingly, it is aimed to help business owners and their employees to revive and recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

From our latest Covid-19 Business Confidence Report 2020, it is reported that almost 89% of our local business owners are considering downsizing their workforce and some are already on the verge of closing down their business permanently. Currently, in the 4th phase of the recovery plan, this time’s incentives are to ease the challenges most of the business owners and its workforce are facing.

Both employers and current job seekers can now rejoice with the newly introduced incentives that encourage employment amidst the economic slowdown. To kick-start, here are few hiring incentives that you can grab now:

    • MYApprentice: RM600 a month for providing internships for fresh graduates and school leavers.
    • MYHireMalaysia40: RM800 a month for employing unemployed individuals who are below the age of 40
    • MYHireMalaysia40+: RM1000 a month for employing unemployed individuals who are above the age of 40
    • MYHireMalaysiaOKU:  RM1000 a month for employing unemployed individuals who are above the age of 40

Find out more of PENJANAKERJAYA by PERKESO &  Covid-19 Business Confidence Report 2020 by

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