Resume Keywords: The Key Element to a Good Resume


Writing your resume is all about introducing yourself to employers and displaying the correct resume contents is essential in producing an effective resume. And what is the key to an effective resume? Emphasize ‘Resume Keywords’ in your resume.

What is ‘Resume Keywords’?

‘Resume Keywords’ is a list of the essential points or specific requirements the employers are looking for when they conduct the hiring.

Let’s walkthrough on how you can include these ‘keywords’ inside your resume;

1. Research on Job Roles / Job Advertisement 

When doing your job search, you probably have shortlisted the industry that is relevant to you field of study or your specialties. Conduct your research on the job roles in order to determine what employers want.

2. Review Job Advertisement & Highlight “Common” Skills 

Detecting “Keywords” Tips:

  • Review different job advertisements from different employers for the same role that you wish to apply
  • Highlight the common skills & abilities from different job advertisements
  • Keywords are the common skills & abilities that most companies required for that specific role
  • Categorize the keywords: Education / Qualification, Hard Skills (ie: Software knowledge) & Soft Skills (ie: Personality, Interpersonal skill)


3. Personalized & tailor your resume using the keywords

Once you’ve got your keywords ready, organize the keywords inside your resume to create a personalized and tailored resume.