It is known to us that as the COVID-19 crisis keeps evolving, it delivers harsh impacts on the local workforce in both Sarawak and Sabah. & have conducted brief surveys on 1433 local workforce participants on the challenges that they currently face in their job hunting during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Question: Share with us the challenges/concerns that you faced in your job hunting
during the COVID-19 pandemic


With the profound uncertainty on the local employment market, it leaves current unemployed job seekers to have similarly harsh impacts on their job search process in the market. Majority 47% job seekers experienced ‘lower success being invited for an interview’; while 21% of the job seekers encounter companies that have a ‘longer period of recruitment process’. In comparison to the employment market before the pandemic, there are ‘lesser suitable job opportunities being advertised’ on job advertisement portals and the minority of the job seekers are offered ‘lower salaries for the same position from their previous employment’. This validates the impact the employers may have to deal due to pandemic, where their decision had similarly negative impacts on their recruitment activity.

As the demand of local job market being inevitably impacted, & noticed a decrease in 14% demand of job openings in 2020 versus 2019 (Q2 to Q3), while Q3 of 2020 shows 35% improvement from Q2 of 2020, the recruitment activities for East Malaysia region shows some positivity despite the overall reduced in job demand for now. This indicates a positive overturn on our local employment market despite the unpredictable economic situation.

As part of the No. 1 job site in Borneo, and are committed to assisting both employers and job seekers to cope and rise during this unprecedented crisis. We place greater efforts to promote job opportunities and enhance quality candidates while focusing on our commitments to address the needs of our users and HR professionals alike to attract and secure the right hire even in the current tough period.

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