The top 5 Job Categories that are wanted in Sarawak

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Customer Service | Sales roles; Food & Beverage (Restaurant | Stalls); Construction | Building | Technician | Electrician; Admin | Clerical | HR; and Engineering & Technology are the five job categories with roles that are currently in demand in Sarawak.

Based on analysis, these roles consisting of clerical, managers, professionals, non-executives and blue-collar workers are in demand by local industry from Q1 to Q2 of 2023; and local companies are hiring these roles in the last 6 months on portal.


Customer Service and Sales team represent a business through interacting and maintaining good relationships with potential and long-term clients.  These roles are significant as it have the highest demands in hiring across last six months here in Sarawak.

  • Position includes: Customer Service Executive, Client Relation Specialist, Sales Executive, Sales and Marketing Executive, Marketing Executive, Digital Marketing Executive, Senior Sales Executive, etc
  • Skills Employers look for: Customer service skills, Sales & Marketing skills coupled with excellent communication and negotiation skills

#2 JOB CATEGORY:  FOOD & BEVERAGE (RESTAURANT | STALLS) The demand in restaurant workers are rising faster this year. Strengthen your culinary skills, because you are in a hot demand in Sarawak!

  • Position includes: Waiters, Commis, Chef, Baker, Sous Chef, Kitchen Helpers, etc
  • Skills Employers look for: Culinary skill, Guest Service skills, Booking management skills, Food handling skill and even Food Pricing strategy skills


With increasing development in Sarawak, individuals with specified skills required in Construction/ Building/ Technician/ Electrician roles are still high in demand.

  • Position includes: Site Supervisor, Construction Manager, Project Executive, Project Technician, Facility Management, Technician, Electrician, etc
  • Skills Employers look for: Safety Management skill, Building Maintenance skill, Troubleshooting skills and General Maintenance skills


Being one of the popular job sectors, these job roles are often sought-after by local jobseekers. With higher competition in mind, it is of great importance to demonstrate your working experience and skills through your resume and execute clarity during your interviews in order to stand out!

  • Position includes: Admin Executive, Admin Clerk, Admin Assistant, Assistant Supervisor, Admin Cum HR Executive, HR Executive, HR Manger, etc
  • Skills Employers look for: Attention to detail, Document filing, Knowledge in Labour Law, Good Communication skills, HR strategy skills and Conflict Resolution skills


The research and development on engineering and technology uses a broad set of disciplines as technology advances. Engineering services offer expertise and solutions to many sectors from construction projects, infrastructure maintenance, devices, tools or even information system used by companies on a daily basis.

  • Position includes: Application Engineer, Project Engineer, Field Service Engineer, Mining Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, M&E Engineer, Civil and Structural Engineer, R&D Engineer, etc.
  • Skills Employers look for: Relevant certificates, qualifications and up-to-date knowledge and skills are necessary when applying to these positions.

As the job market is constantly evolving and might cook up fresh surprises, it is vital in finding the right career. Be prepared to take a dash of prep work especially in gaining the skills that are highly required for that specific position you are looking for. It might not be as easy as pie, but definitely the best recipe for success. Thus, it is importantly to plan your job search well while prepping yourself for the new job that you will apply.

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