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It’s been almost two years into the COVID-19 crisis, local employees are in need of our support where various groups of employees are still having the hardest times in the workplace while balancing their work and home life. The stress of increased workloads; concern on their job stability and constant struggles between work and home life have disproportionately fallen on them.

With insights from our latest 2021 “Life After Covid-19” survey report, at least 52% of local respondents experienced a decline in their mental health and among this group, 90% were left with less motivation and felt overworked at their workplace. The worrying state of our local employees definitely impact the organisation as a whole.

The most significant role that HR managers can adopt now is to rebuild a more inclusive workplace; with a focus on building strong workplace communities; better understand your employees’ skills and capacity; and forming relationships with employees on a human level.

It is important to learn how our employees are doing and to understand their current struggles and concerns. To do so, check out our latest social media survey report “Life in Sarawak After Covid-19″ and you’ll get first-hand insight into the current employment market in Sarawak and check out how our local talents are feeling and their experience throughout this pandemic.

“Life In Sarawak After Covid-19″ Social Media Survey Report Topic Highlights;

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